Janitorial/Caretaker Services

Janitorial services are great help in order to have a neat and clean living environment. These services are used in obtaining such kind of environment. But not all janitorial services can give satisfaction in terms of quality services. RCH is one of the few Companies that can assure clientele satisfaction as much as janitorial service is concern. RCH Facility Services is making the people life liveable. 

Whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time caretaking , RCH Facility Services provides a range of high-quality Caretaking Services to ensure your building are managed to the highest standard. We will make sure the service is undertaken in line with customer requirements, specifically those relating to security, safeguarding, access, maintenance and repairs. Our caretakers are directly employed and trained to a high standard to monitor and make sure tasks around your site are well executed in a professional manner at all times.
If you are looking for a specialist, trustworthy and reliable building cleaning services, then please contact us by requesting a quote or meeting

Janitorial Duties:

Clean buildings (commercial or residential) sweeping, cleaning surfaces and emptying of rubbish
Reporting and identifying possible repairs
Maintenance Services
Sort out bin stores
Landscaping Services
Take care of car parks/courtyards
Handyman Services
Monitoring building safety and security in performing tasks such as checking electrical appliance, locking doors after the operating hours to assure that no hazards are created
Perform minor repairs
Send emails/weekly reports