Industrial Cleaning

If you are operating an industrial or commercial business, you should know by now that an expert industrial cleaning service is very important. A clean and maintained industrial business is in compliance to some rules and regulations demanded by law as well as your industry. RCH Group provides you with the ultimate industrial cleaning work like no other.
RCH Group industrial cleaning services assure you that your space will not only look tidy but also will become more productive and efficient. As everybody knows, in this kind of business, workers are highly-prone to airborne-related diseases. Industrial cleaning services offered by RCH Group will help give you and your employees the safest and healthiest environment. When workers are healthy, ill days are normally decreased, thus optimizing their work that will greatly help your industry. This is something you will hardly gain if you have a working place that is always dirty and messy.
Have you checked your industrial working are lately? If you think that there is a need for it be clean and healthy, contact RCH Group. With this company’s industrial cleaning services, you are in for a top-quality cleaning. Experience the expertise of RCH Group and have a great boost in your industry. These include:

Food Production
Factory Cleaning
Deep Cleaning

Disinfection Washroom Areas
Commercial Kitchens
Initial Cleaning

Biohazard Cleaning
Canopy Washing
Acid Brick/Facade Cleaning

builders cleaning dublin

Builders Cleaning

RCH Facility Services is a well-established, fully compliant cleaning company committed to providing quality services at competitive prices. .

Power Washing

RCH Facility Services  powerwashing services assure you that your property will not only look tidy but also will become more productive and efficient.

Window Cleaning

RCH  provide efficient and cost-effective window cleaning services for a wide range of businesses in Dublin and surrounding counties via our strong network of regional offices.

Carpet Cleaning

RCH  offer a full range of carpet and upholstery cleaning services to our clients. A cost-effective way in building support solutions and allowing them to run their own business effectively.

Car Park/Grounds Maintenance

RCH-We are a cleaning company, integrating the very latest in cutting edge cleaning technology, global and local intelligence as well as specialised people power .

Specialised Services

We offer a full range of specialised services, floor restoration, flood clean up, graffiti removal and many more. Contact us for no obligation quote